How It Works


  • Installed in 10 minutes
  • Armed/Disarmed in seconds
  • This device is designed to alert residents and scare intruders
  • When activated the unit will go off with a loud explosion
  • Stops crime without violence
  • Weatherproof – Will not fail in wet weather
  • Flexible design- can be used to protect any opening
  • Device can be re-used indefinitely
  • Affordable means of protection.


  • Doorways
  • Gateways
  • Carports
  • Poultry/pig houses
  • Stables
  • Passages
  • Lanes
  • Camp sites


  • Never fire near eyes/ears
  • Do not fit above combustible materials as cartridge emits a spark
  • Do not fire unit in your hand .
  • Spray unit with Q20 (or similar) now and then (once every 3 months).



BangAlert Warning – Device Is Not A Toy


  • The unit should be fixed on a level surface with the screws provided.
  • Hole in which cap fits should be at the bottom.
  • Above the height of animals eg waist height.
  • The “Bangalert” can be attached to a wall, steel pole, tree or wooden pole. It can not be tied on with wire or cable ties as it will prevent the firing pin from hitting the cap hard enough to detonate it.
  • There should be no vertical (up/down) movement of unit.
  • Pull Hook up and Insert Cartridge.
  • The cartridge is a rim fire not centre fire.
  • Set up your tripwire  – tie string on post or pole on opposite side of opening.
  • Insert washer as per photo.


  • To Disarm: Pull Pin using hoop and remove washer.
  • To Reload: Pull pin up and remove used cap with sharp object.
  • Insert new cap in hole .Pull pin up and follow procedure to load


  • Die eenheid moet op ‘n oppervlakte vasgesit word met die skroewe wat voorsien word.
  • Die “bangalert” kan op n muur, boom, staalpaal of houtpaal  vasgessit word –  heuphoogte
  • Dit kan nie met draad aan ‘n paal vasgedraai word of op ‘n rondepaal vasgeskroef word nie,aangesien dit sal verhoed dat die slagpen die “blank” hard genoeg tref om dit te laat afgaan.
  • Verwyder die herlaai-haak voor dit moet afvuur .
  • Die tou moet voor die opening gespan word en aan die anderkant vasgemaak word
  • Die haak word gebruik vir herlaai .
  • Mark seker daar is geen op en af beweging van die plastiese gedeelte van die eenheid nadat dit vasgesit is nie.